Khuanjai has been awarded the honor of being chosen as a "Thai-Select restaurant".

Located in Osaka and Kobe, Khuanjai has been awarded the honor of being chosen as a "Thai-Select restaurant". “Thai-Select” is a program started by the Thai Government to promote the finest Thai cuisine around the world. The combination of the experienced and skilled Thai chefs and the polite Japanese staff provides its customers with the very best service and cuisine. Service is always welcoming at the door, and knowledgeable staff available to help you at your table. At Khuanjai, the owner aims to provide fresh delicious Thai cuisine using the fine ingredients of Japan and fusing them with the exquisite recipes and cooking-techniques from Thailand.

About the Restaurant

With six different locations in Osaka and Kobe, Khuanjai has been chosen as a "Thai-Select" restaurant, with only around 5% of the Thai restaurants in the world having this distinct award. Khuanjai purchases fresh food from its contracting farms and uses fine ingredients from around Japan such as premium beef and Sakura-hime chicken from Miyazaki Prefecture. Kuwanchai can also adjust its menu for those with special food requests such as vegetarians and Muslims.

Restaurant Information

【Restaurant】 Khuanjai
【Locations】3 locations in Osaka・3 in Kobe
【Closed】Differs depending on location, please check restaurant info page.
【Smoking】Prohibited or separated areas(smoking area available)
【Children】Excluding Yodoyabashi location, baby/high chairs available at all locations.
【Dress Code】None


【Reservation】Reservations recommended
※Reservation from this site at least 3 days in advance. Online pre-payment with Credit Card or Paypal required.
【Payment method】
Prepayment for course(s) with a credit card or Paypal account.
Any additional orders made at the restaurant can be paid after your meal in cash or credit card.


【Category】Thai Cuisine
【Location】Osaka, Kobe
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