Dinner Menu

Khuanjai Set(10 Dishes)


・Fresh Seafood Thai Carpaccio OR Kung Chae Nampla
・Tom Yum Soup w/ Angel Prawn OR Salmon and Coconut Soup
・Omelet-style Glass Noodle Pad Thai
・Lemon-Seasoned Steamed Fish OR Thai Soy Sauce-Seasoned Steamed Fish
・Homemade Seasonal Fruit Sorbet
・Stir-Fry Thai Basil Chicken OR Egg Curry Stir-Fry w/ Soft Shell Crab
・Premium Domestic Beef Thai Steak
・Green Curry w/ Beef or Massaman Curry w/ Pork
・Jasmine Rice; Thailand’s Highest Quality Rice
・Mango Lassi (Small)

The Chef’s Special Selection Set (8 Dishes)


This is a set of 8 dishes specially selected by our Thai Chef from his original menu.
A vegetarian menu is also available if requested.

Aroy Chan Set (8 Dishes)


・Green Papaya Salad
・Chicken Wing Dumplings
・Tom Yum Soup w/ Angel Prawns
・Lemon Flavored or Thai Soy Sauce Flavored Steamed Salmon
・Egg Curry Stir-Fry w/ Soft Shell Crab
・Green Curry with Beef
・Jasmine Rice
・Mango Lassi

Coriander Set(7 Dishes)


・Thai Salad w/ Coriander & Prosciutto
・Fried Chicken w/ Coriander
・Green Papaya Tempura w/ Coriander
・Tom Yum Soup with lots of Coriander
・Black-pepper Salmon Stir-Fry topped w/ Coriander
・Prawns and Coriander Fried Rice
・Special Coriander Dessert

Thai Suki-Nabe Set(10 Dishes)


・Shrimp Cracker
・Glass Noodle Salad
・Assortment of Vegetables
・Rice OR Noodles
・Dessert of the Day

Mild Set(7 Dishes)


・Fresh Spring Roll(2 Pieces)
・Glass Noodle Soup with Minced Pork and Tofu
・Fried Spring Roll
・Chicken Fried w/ Cashew Nuts
・Massaman Curry w/ Pork
・Jasmine Rice
・Dessert of the Day

Street Stall Set(7 Dishes)


・Seafood Salad w/ Glass Noodles
・Thai Omelette w/ Minced Pork
・Spicy Tom Yum Soup w/ Prawns
・Thai Chicken Steak
・Thai Sticky Rice
・Pad Thai
・Dessert of the Day

Lunch Menu

Hua Hin Lunch Set


・Main Dish (Please choose at restaurant)
・Tom Yum Soup w/ Angel Prawns
・Deep-Fried Dish
・Jasmine Rice

Phuket Lunch Set


・Main Dish (Please choose at restaurant)
・Tom Yum Soup
・Deep-Fried Dish
・Jasmine Rice

Koh Samui Lunch Set


・Main Dish (Please choose at restaurant)
・Deep-Fried Dish
・Jasmine Rice

All-you-can-eat buffet (Chayamachi location only)

¥1,000(¥1,600 on Sat./ Sun., Holidays , includes dessert buffet)

・Available only at "Khuanjai Thai Shokudo" (Chayamachi location) in Osaka.
・60 minute all-you-can-eat buffet.
・Approximately 25 different varieties of food available
・5 types of curry
・Salad Bar

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays a dessert buffet is also included.

Please Note:

・Prices Listed

Price listed+Seating charge (380 yen per person)+10% Consumption Tax is required for reservations.

・About the Courses

We require that guests 12 years of age or older order a course.

・Bringing outside food and drinks into the restaurant

Outside drinks and outside food (excluding a birthday cake) are prohibited in the restaurant.

・Policy on bringing birthday cake into the restaurant

Birthday cake allowed to be brought into restaurant. Alternatively, if you would like the restaurant to make a cake, it can be done if requested at the time of reservation. Please specify your budget for it(Starting from ¥1,000~).

・Guests with children

Baby Strollers may be brought into the restaurant. Baby/High chairs are also available at all locations excluding Yodoyabashi location of Khuanjai.

・Guests dining alone

Reservations for guests dining alone are welcome.

・About cancellations

※For 1-7 guests, we require that cancellations be made at least 3 days before the reservation. For 8 or more guests: we require that cancellations be made at least 7 days before the reservation.