★Thai-Select Restaurant recognized by the Thai government

Thai-Select Restaurant recognized by the Thai government Kuwanchai in Sannomiya, Okamoto, Umeda, and Yodoyabashi have all received accolades as “Thai- Select” restaurants. The title of “Thai-Select ” is considered a great honor for only 5% of Thai restaurants in the world own it. Thai-Select restaurants are carefully chosen by the Thai government, not only by the taste and fresh ingredients, but also the atmosphere and its global perspective. Kuwanchai not only provides premium beef and Sakura-hime chicken from the Miyazaki Prefecture, it also purchases fresh food from its contracting farms. The cuisine is incredible tasty with a wide choice of dishes that you can only indulge in Japan.

★ About the restaurant and its cuisine

Kuwanchai means “heart” or “soul” in Thai language. Entering the restaurant is an event itself. The owner uses elegant furniture from Thailand to present a gorgeous atmosphere. Inside the restaurant, the menu sings another tune. The dishes do not present itself as spicy only. With the collaboration of top-quality food and Thai’s exquisite cooking style, even Japanese people – known to have the most delicate taste buds – can be delighted. The owner also understands that no matter how prestige the cuisines are, if the price is not affordable, there will be no customers. Hence, after numerous modification of its marketing strategies, the owner is now able to provide delicious food with a reasonable price. The flexible and artful menu also allows vegetarians and Muslim to enjoy a piece of tranquility here. If you are in the mood for something miraculous along with a special evening with gorgeous surroundings, great food, and plenty of romance, Kuwanchai completely fits the bill. Kuwanchai’s molecular renditions will definitely have you shaking your head in amazement.